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We transfer your influence from the boardroom to your newsfeed.
You believe in the value of a personal brand, but do you know exactly how to drive revenue from it? Personal branding goes beyond sharing the occasional social media post. It takes depth, dedication, and strategy.

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What We Do

At Insight we unlock CEO’s personal brands, transferring your influence from the boardroom to your newsfeed. Using our proven process, we use your expertise as fuel to generate results, all with less than 2 days input per month. We save our clients time & capital in accomplishing their most essential objectives.

You don't know if your Personal Brand is relevant?

Out of all business decision makers, 84% start their buying process with a referral. And LinkedIn & other online platforms are the very first place people look after getting a referral.

You may have the right product and the right price point - and even the right team to sell it - but those are all irrelevant if people don’t know about your business.


Personal Branding

Grow your personal brand on LinkedIn and practice thought leadership with an engaged audience which benefits your business.


Gain an understanding of personal branding, and learn how to use it for your company to be successful in the digital landscape.

Who We Have Helped

Tony Kula

CEO, meetyoo conferencing 
"Through working with Thomas and Insight I was able to position myself on LinkedIn as a thought leader in the digital event industry, expanded my network by literally hundreds of valuable contacts and gathered new interactions with potential clients."

Shira Charles

Founder, Charles Interior
"They were patient and helped me strategize and create basic steps for each area we needed to tackle. Through him, I was able to build up a strategy to create valuable content on LinkedIn which than helped me to gather new leads for my business."

Johannes Kliesch

"You tell them what you want, they deliver. Through working with Insight I was able to establish myself professionally on LinkedIn provide my company with a face, share my experiences and recruit young talents for our team. I can really recommend Insight!"
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